Your Home Valet takes pride in providing a single source, bonded, background checked and insured resource for necessary property maintenance along with services to enhance personal homeowner satisfaction, including:

Preparation of residence for
lengthy departure and dormancy.

Services include: empty perishables from fridge, empty and turn off ice maker, close blinds, set A/C or heat and humidifier for away settings, unplug electrical items, turn off water to house/unit, turn off breaker to water heater, cover toilets with plastic wrap and shut off valves, unplug washer and dryer and shut off water to washer, move patio furniture to indoors, ensure trash is removed, bring in containers and check security of doors and windows.

Personal errand services and
specific individual requirements:

Services include: florist, pharmacist, veterinarian, entertainment, tailor, seamstress, dry cleaner, dentist, doctor, hospital and wellness, masseuse, grocer, dietary needs, best food for takeout, mail retrieval and forwarding if required, whatever you need, we will handle it.

Airport / train transportation service
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Driving Service

Are you a snowbird or business person with homes at both ends of I-75 and need help moving your car, SUV or van -- filled with your other items -- from one end of the country to the other?

Do you have dog(s) that also need to be moved?

Do you want to be sure your vehicle, your other belongings and your beloved pets arrive safely to their destination, safely and without hassle?
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Home Sitting/Watch and Auto Watch:
Provide regular property checks
and report to owners for
insurance purposes, including:

Services include: inspection of exterior property, removal of mail, newspapers and fliers; interior security check, check operation of A/C or heat and humidifier, circuit breakers, smoke detectors; check refrigerator, sinks, water heater, showers and tubs for leaks, moisture or mold; run faucets, dishwasher, garbage disposal and clothes washer; flush toilets; check for signs of water leaks, pest infestation, mold and mildew; water interior plants; check answering machine and forward messages if requested; inspect exterior plantings; check pool, pump and patio furniture, check timers for landscape/ security lighting, pool and irrigation; start vehicle(s); have vehicles in for scheduled maintenance or repairs, vehicle detailing, and provide a monthly report, which will advise of any issues during the weekly visits.

Pre-storm and post-storm inspections

Your Home Valet will send an email if there is a storm warning for the S.E. Michigan region. At your request only, we will check on your home pre-storm and perform any special requests. Your Home Valet will inspect your property post-storm and advise of any visible signs of damage, and send a photo email report to the owner. Your Home Valet will coordinate any post-storm clean up at the ownerís request.

Preparation of residence upon return after lengthy absence.

Services include: turn on main water, turn on water to washer, turn on hot water heater and ice maker, plug in electrical items, adjust A/C or Heat and humidifier, open blinds, freshen toilets and turn on valves, clean patio and put patio furniture in place. Grocery pick up and placement in fridge, in addition to meal preparation for arrival is also offered.

Emergency Services:

If this service is utilized, please advise your alarm company that Your Home Valet is a key holder and not a security company. As such, we will respond to alarm notification in as timely a manner as scheduling permits. Service call charges include property inspection after alarm notification and re-arming the system. Owner will be notified if there are any visible signs of intrusion or damage and will be sent a photo email report.